World Communion Sunday

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World Communion Sunday is a celebration observed by several Christian denominations, taking place on the first Sunday of every October, that promotes Christian unity and ecumenical cooperation. It focuses on an observance of the Eucharist – the sharing of the bread and wine as taught by Jesus, that we also call communion.

It was started in the 30’s by a Presbyterian minister and within 10 years was spread to many other Christian denominations and now is across the world giving us the opportunity to pray for all of our Christian brother and sisters across the world.

Our church chose 6 random countries from the list of International Missions and prayed for those countries and some of their Global Servants who work in those countries with love, education, rebuilding, medical needs or anything else that may be needed.  We will be praying for them for the month of October with an emphasis on Water as many countries do not have clean or sufficient water supplies but to also pray that the Living Water be spread through out the world. Below are the 6 countries we are focusing on as we pray also for Living Water to flood the earth. But remember this is only 6 out the 195 countries in the world today. Even in our own countries, prayer is needed to spread the Living Waters of Christ.

I have a challenge for anyone who would like to jump in. I have about 300 people who read my blog. If each person would take one country of your choice, even it’s your own,  and say a quick prayer for that country, then throughout the month think of other countries and say a quick prayer. They will not know you are praying for them but I promise those prayer will not be wasted. No prayer is ever wasted.

Another thing that is never wasted….kindness. Share kindness where ever you go and watch the ripple effect of it spread out from you.

kind ripples


Clampet-ville, One Liner Wednesday

My yard is no longer Clampet-ville.

You probably have to be familiar with American TV in the 60s to understand that phrase but my yard is no long looking like Clampet hillbilly junkyard poor mess.

I was a quality manager of a bucket manufacturer, my daughter had a new puppy that needed a fenced-in yard so rejected buckets filled with sand became a wall fence for a short dog, similar to this…for 5 years…enough.

This section still not finished

But these 3 areas are finished and looking great.

The new wall, a real wall
The side wall next to my Clampet-ville neighbors

I still have work to do here but its looking better. Neighbor over growth encroachment.

And last but not least as this was an 8 foot high over growth…you can see how bad it is still with my Clampet-ville neighbors. Enough already.

They still need to bring in more rock

They even found a ground hog living in that mess; the damage they can cause. Well this is my One Liner submission this week. Come join along with Linda’s fun prompt and play with 1 Liner Wednesday.

And as always, as you go through this day, always remember to be kind. You just might be that bright sunshine for someone’s dreary day.

flower kind1