Clampet-ville, One Liner Wednesday

My yard is no longer Clampet-ville.

You probably have to be familiar with American TV in the 60s to understand that phrase but my yard is no long looking like Clampet hillbilly junkyard poor mess.

I was a quality manager of a bucket manufacturer, my daughter had a new puppy that needed a fenced-in yard so rejected buckets filled with sand became a wall fence for a short dog, similar to this…for 5 years…enough.

This section still not finished

But these 3 areas are finished and looking great.

The new wall, a real wall
The side wall next to my Clampet-ville neighbors

I still have work to do here but its looking better. Neighbor over growth encroachment.

And last but not least as this was an 8 foot high over growth…you can see how bad it is still with my Clampet-ville neighbors. Enough already.

They still need to bring in more rock

They even found a ground hog living in that mess; the damage they can cause. Well this is my One Liner submission this week. Come join along with Linda’s fun prompt and play with 1 Liner Wednesday.

And as always, as you go through this day, always remember to be kind. You just might be that bright sunshine for someone’s dreary day.

flower kind1

9 thoughts on “Clampet-ville, One Liner Wednesday

  1. I don’t know American TV so thank you for the explanation. 🙂
    Your yard and walls are looking great. 😀 And it must feel great too, to tidy it all up.
    (We recently had a new fence and pathway and I love them!)

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  2. Good post for the prompt. My mind when to the Hillbillies immediately. I guess I am of that age. We are currently working to get the neighbor across the street looking less like Sanford and Son.

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