A Reflection of My Home

Good afternoon. I do apologize in advance for today’s tour of my home in reflection as when my home moves periodically, as it has a mind of its own apparently with the help of a human, this movement tends to break sections of my home down. No major damage I guess as I will just rebuild again tonight when things are quiet.

Home and Reflection

My brother George lives on the other side of the moving mountain and usually makes a larger home. He has brighter opportunities for food as he gets more illumination  from the street light. However his home gets broken more as that is the side of the mountain the human gets in and out of.

When my home is fresh and full, it is quite stunning in reflection and makes it a joy to watch as the breeze moves it slightly creating a amusement ride effect if you stare at it too long.

If you happen to come by my home and wish to say Hi, knock on the shinny thing and if I am not busy, I will come out to visit.

Oh, and by the way, my name is Georgette. And remember all things enjoy kindness so remember to be kind.

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