For the Love of Nancy

When my children were young they were not allowed to swear so they came up with the phrase  ‘For the love of Nancy’. I don’t know where they got it from but all of their friends and their parents knew what it meant. I tried to make them understand that regardless of not using the Lord’s name – the implication was still there. But I tolerated that version much better. Well, for the last 2 weeks that term has reared its head again as for the third time since buying this house 6 years ago, we have a flooded basement, due again to carelessness of contractors. The things I have learned while living in this house could right a book by itself and one day I may just do that. I guess the blessing in disguise is that this time their insurance is covering the cost to tear out all damaged wall board and carpet and I am hoping they will pay for putting it back together again. (We will see if Nancy come to life again on that situation.) When removing a raised platform and a built in wall unit, we were shocked at the amount of mold and disgust growing in ‘dark places’. It is a wonder no one was sick.

It brings me back to God’s grace and how if we will let him, he will take care of us, even when we don’t know it. Scripture tells us all the time how he will lead us, comfort us, be there for us. We just have to let go and let God. Now saying that doesn’t mean its going to be a cake walk. It just means we have hope that it will all turn out for the best even though that alley way looks dark and foreboding.  There is always light at the end of the alley. Sometime that alley is long and the light at the end seems very dim but I promise it is there. God is always there and he always has a plan. Just reach for Him and he will grab your hand and hold it tight.

The sun is shinning today, have a great day.

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