For the Love of a New Ball

old ballYes, it was time for a new one. The old one lasted a long time comparatively, almost 6 weeks before we broke it. But now that we have a new one we must follow the correct procedures before we can play with it. When we get tired of the old ball we start tearing holes in it – we don’t eat the rubber pieces, we just spit them on the floor for mom to pick up because they clog up the vacuum. This is how we get a new ball – but yet dogs are not smart. Don’t know what planet someone was on when they said that but not this one.

Before playing with the new ball she must first defuzz it – nothing quite as unpleasant as fuzz in her mouth. Lots of shaking and tongue movements because we don’t have fingers to remove the fuzz. So we continue to pull it off with our front teeth, shake our head and spit the fuzz on the floor until we feel enough is gone.

Proper condition of new ball Notice the small patches of fuzz all around her. Due to her long coon hound toes, she can easily cup a ball like guys can palm a basketball. The ball will have a few bare spots on it but she has mastered defuzzing without breaking ball. Once defuzzing is complete to her satisfaction we then can play with it.  That’s where the human come in. Its not the normal throw and retrieve for Mimi – its all about the chase. She is going to bring it to you to play but stay just out of reach. When you get up to get closer, she runs. Chase me, chase me. When the human gets tired of her game and sits still, then she will bring it to you to be thrown.

The simple and loving life of a family pet. Its not a dog, its a 4 legged family member and should be treated as such. Their love is true and unconditional. There is only one other living entity that loves us unconditionally and only wants us to love in like manner in return and that is God. He created all things, loves all things and only wants love in return.

Throw it



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