For the Love of …carpet

Max sofaThis is Max, an extremely mistreated love of the household. Can’t you tell? He is currently disgusted with us as we have no carpet in his area of the house. An unfortunate issue with a busted water source creating flooding situation resulting in no carpet and drywall removal at 2′ from the floor. Well at least we will get rid of the awful wallpaper and can add a much more calming paint color.

As you can see from the 2nd photo laying on the floor while cuddling our favorite pillow is a wonderful thing. Now playing with the pillow is not as much fun on the cold hard concrete. Now don’t get me wrong, the sofa is also awesome, allowing for various forms of wallowing. Max floorMax sofa 2 Max is the member of the family that always has a happy smile and tail wag to make everything feel better for those days where life hits you hard. But Max may be struggling a bit because the normal things around him have changed making it a little difficult to be the member to help you get over your bad day.

I think life in general is very much this way. When the comforts of our normal life are no longer available, sometimes we have a hard time adjusting to the new norm. We rely on friends and family to help but we also have another source to rely on if we are willing. It a resource that is so easy but its the most difficult to use because it carries the stigma ‘What will people think of me if I rely on this source of strength’. Psalm 119 is a consolidation of who, what and how God will take care of all life’s bumps in the road. Teach me, guide me, strengthen me, fulfill me, love me…to name just a few. If we can just let go and let God he will take care of all of it. It may not be what we think it should be or what we really want  but He knows what’s down the road for each of us and will get us where we need to be. It’s the easiest hard thing you will ever do.

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