Dog’s on a Chain – One-Line Wednesday

Dogs – Burden or family

The incessant barking of the dog next door really makes me wonder about owners who think puppies are great but have no idea of the commitment involved in being a dog owner. A dog on a chain left for long hours due to your inconvenience is no family pet. Yelling at it because it is not doing what you think it needs to do when the owner has no consideration for what the animal may be feeling. Being left on said chain when its raining or cold or blessedly hot as it has been here lately. Simply inexcusable. Now don’t get me wrong, Mimi(my current protector in her own mind) has a chain that is attached outside and comes inside with her so that I have control of her in case the dreaded mailman were to dare come to our house. But she comes in and out as she pleases. She whines or paws the door depending on which side of it she is on. The door currently needs repainting, both sides. But Mimi is family. She owns the top portion of the house and knows she is loved and she knows she does not have to repeatedly bark, whine and ask for love from her caretakers. As does Max, my daughters dog who owns the downstairs portion of the house. I say own as all of you true pet owners know they give us permission to sit with them on the couch or sleep on their bed if they don’t have a bed of their own, Mimi has three. Her doggie bed which she uses only to store her toys, the guestroom bed which has views for the back of the house and of course my bed(excuse me her bed) If I happen to be up later than she wants she goes ahead to bed making sure all the covers are in the appropriate ball in the middle. Its the inconveniences I am willing to put up with as my dog is family. When I was younger, my house was a wreck because of children, now its my dog and she is a lot less messy.

You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants

Mimi on guard
I am smelling You!
mimi shot with me on sofa
My couch
Max sofa 2
Max’s Couch
sad dog
Coffee…I need coffee


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