For the love of…electricity

Sounds a little silly doesn’t it…for the love of electricity. But think where we would be if some gentleman many years ago didn’t go play in the rain with a kite…or so the story goes. Think of all the modern things we have today that rely on electricity – even cars. While I am ever grateful as I sit typing on my computer, with the AC on, a ceiling fan turning above my head filling the room with the fragrance of the pot of homemade vegetable soup full of goodness from my garden (wow this a long sentence), that is not what this post is about.  This post is mostly a thank you for the power company in the repair of how would you say sheer confusion…”Hey are you hurt?”  “NO”  “Wait where are you going, do you need help?” No answer as he and his children rush off into the night and I call the police.

OK lets backup a bit so you understand what in the world I am talking about. Two weeks ago, I am sitting in front of the TV watching a favorite show when I hear a loud bang. Since I park out front on the street, my immediate thought was someone hit my car. I rush out side in relief as it was not my car but the telephone pole across the street. On a side note I still find it interesting that we still call them telephone poles when in fact the phone lines are under ground.


Please take note that he drove completely into the yard before hitting the pole on the passengers side of the car. When I ran outside I saw him and his 2 small children running for their lives down the street. I asked if he was hurt as he zoom by me and he said no, then I asked where are you going, do you need help, did you call the police. All of those question went up to the sky as he continued running away from the car. My next thought was its a stolen car, so I called the police. Turns out, it kind of was stolen as well as the kids. Dad, with no license and no right to the kids that lived two blocks down grabbed both but ended up meeting a pole instead. Sometimes the stupidity of people blows my mind. While I really try to not say people are sometimes stupid but not thinking clearly sometimes just doesn’t fit the situation. But that is also not the real reason for this post. Coming from the quality engineering world, I still get fascinated on the processes we use in modern times to create things, monitor things and to repair things. I know this will be boring to most so I added the “how we got here” above to let you shake you head at the amazement of people.

So yesterday morning the power company team shows up with their two trucks to replace the pole and move the wires over onto the new pole and being the geek that I am I went to watch. First off the auger drills a new hole about 10′ deep next to the existing pole. The guy in the bucket is already loosening things on the existing pole for an easy swap when the new pole is secure. Once the pole was in the ground came my immediate curiosity of how do you know the pole is straight. Well they showed me. The rope that comes from the crane that was transporting the pole is dropped from the crane head to dangle next to the pole and gravity does it work in pulling straight on the rope and creating an alignment guide for the pole. So once the pole was set, dirt added back in the hole and tamp down securely, they were ready to move wires. I noticed there was still a good amount of dirt left and said so to my neighbor who was also being entertained by the activities. (Sometimes it doesn’t take much for us retired folks.) My neighbor said it would probably be used to fill in the hole of the old pole once that got it removed. And it was. Everything all neatly tied together and old pole taken to wherever they take broken poles.

pole drill
Drilling the hole
pole in
Adding the pole, filling in the dirt
pole rope
Using the rope for alignment

Wouldn’t it be great if all our problems were this easy to fix. And I think we sometimes forget due to the ease of how many thing are quickly fixed how marvelous and complex this life really is. Lots of checks and balances and lots of take it for granted decisions. Remember how different it was for our grandparents and now for our grandchildren. How many marvelous things will they take for granted. We must always remember the gift of  wonder in our life, the gift of having the ability to make decisions and to make our decision count for good, not for crazy run away antics.

Have a wonderful day.

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