Flower Planting Time – #1Liner Wednesday

You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

garden fall flowers

Since the landscape people came and dug up my front yard trying to find where the water was coming from that was flooding my basement, the yard still looked torn up. The leak creator was found and hopefully stopped but now the basement is still a wreck. At lease the front yard is trying to look better but now I made the mistake I always make – to many plants for the pots that I have. It’s the same problem I have when buying a Christmas tree. It grows two feet by the time I get it home. I have one more day to get the yard straight before I am doomed to sit on my backside for 6 weeks – foot surgery. A must do as it is effecting my balance. Once that is done and I still have issues I guess I will have to resign to the fact that I am getting old. Some of us grow old gracefully – me I am fighting it tooth and nail. My daughter just shakes her head at me and walks away.

Gardening is a wonderful relaxation for me. Although this year I tried bale gardening to keep from having to dig down in the dirt so much. I have raised gardens in the back but they are perennials that I do not want to move. So I tried 3 bales and only planted a few things but I over fertilized and now they have taken over between the two houses. Fortunately my neighbor doesn’t mind and we share the tomatoes – more than I know what to do with. All of the plants fell off of the bakes and became running plants, it’s the weirdest thing I have ever seen. The one watermelon I plated has taken over the bottom bale, down the hill, over the steps and into the back yard. Absolutely nuts. But it has been fun to watch.

Tomatoes and watermelon before they fell and took over
first watty melon
Watermelon after it took over the hill and now spilling down into the backyard
damage 1
Only good thing I can say is I am getting rid of that awful wallpaper
damage 2
This room got the worst water, amazed it did not bother brand new water heater.


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