For the Love of …Trust

Trust, that is a big and powerful word. We put trust in people, in systems, in government, in our own choices…I could go on forever dividing it down to minuscule factors. Tomorrow I get to play with a scalpel and of course a doctor to correct a minor bone alignment. Not a big surgery but still I will be trusting my life to a guy(or girl) who has my head in their lap. Not literally of course but you get the drift. Trust can be fickle thing that we have so much faith in that we dismiss the trust as complete or it can be an overwhelming dread that sends us running in fear. I am neither in this case but it does bring to mind a comment said by the doctor that this should be a easy fix but the team is set up for worse case scenario. The fear of the unknown. I think if we allow ourselves to dwell too much on the unknown or the ‘what may happen’ process, we can lose focus of the good results the procedure may bring us. Nothing is 100%, after all they do call doctors a ‘practice’. Hmm, shouldn’t they have it perfected b y now? All kidding aside, the amazing growth of the medical world is just that – amazing. Even just in the last 25 years.  But what we all have to realize is that we have only found the top of a very large and deep ice burg and that doctors are not miracle workers but are training more each day to find the fix for a situation, even if you happen to be the test subject. I pray for each of you who are suffering  from minor ailments to serious diseases. May a treatment help you feel better or a breakthrough come through for you to give you hope. Regardless of your situation, may you feel the love of Christ surround you and bring you peace.  Below are two things I will lean on first. Since I will not be allowed to walk at all for one week and then thrown onto a roll about for 6, maybe I will actually finish the book I am writing.

God’s Strength
Wonderful soup from the garden


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