Returning to Roots – #SoSC

Linda G. Hill tasks this week on Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, is difficult for those of us with vocabulary issues but she’s offering bonus points, so we will see where we can go with this.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘-ic or -ical.’ Find a word that uses the suffix ‘-ic’ or ‘-ical.’ Bonus points if you use both. Have fun!”

My maiden name is Tillman – a revision of the old English version of Tilghman. Back in the 1700s, Tilghmans were tillers of the soil, farmers. While I am far from an amazing farmer, I do enjoy planting those specific plants all good southern women in the USA should plant like tomatoes and yellow crook neck squash. This year I tried adding a miniature pumpkin and a small sweet watermelon. The problem with the watermelon is that it has become pragmatical by assuming its own practical point of view and that it should take over the entire garden while it continues to growing on down the hill into the back yard. Reminder for next year if I try to experiment with watermelon is to plant in an area where it can go absolutely nuts if desired.

Gardening for me is a self diagnostic process of stress relief allowing me to dig through my aggravations in a practical way without causing human pain. Or plant pain for that matter. Then seeing the benefits of colorful flowers and tasting the benefits of home grown veggies is well worth the gardening experience. My doctor even told me I needed to add more vegetables to my diet, less red meat and less pasta which is not a problem since I am not a big pasta fan. I am including a few pictures of my efforts this year, enjoy.

garden wm
first watty melon
Watermelon Take Over
Tomatoes & Squash
Yummy Vegetable soup
Dr. said more veggies – is fried OK?

And of course the flowers


8 thoughts on “Returning to Roots – #SoSC

      1. I am originally from Atlanta and have seen some weird fried things. But now that I am in the Midwest and the county fair fired fare…some pretty weird things. Not everything can be fried. LOL

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  1. Lovely garden and your SoCS was delightful to read! I agree with you, gardening is therapeutic! Thank you for stopping by my blog to take a peek, it was so nice to hear from you! Happy Blogging (and gardening) to you!


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