For the Love of…Both Feet

One down, one to go

You just really don’t understand how hard it is to function on only 1 foot. Yes, I have a cart to help roll me from bed to couch to bathroom. But what happens if I drop something, not easy picking it up, or worse yet falling over. Did that on Saturday trying to get use to this cart. Then there are the things you don’t think about, like letting the dog in and out(every hour), keeping her water bowl filled,  and the list goes on. This is a strong similarity to the body of Christ and how all of it members need to work together to function properly. When one part is missing, the water bowl doesn’t get filled. When we have situations where we can not function 100% we need to reflect during this time and understand why our feelings are raging and use that though process once we are better to help or assist those who are permanently disabled or handicapped. I can’t help but think of our military men and women who sacrifice their lives and parts of their bodies for our freedom so that we can get upset because we cant fill the water bowl. Sorry I keep throwing that reference in here but it was a daunting task this morning until I figured how to get it done. We have a tendency to take all of our parts for granted and we need not to do that. Not just with our body parts but with every group of parts regardless of what makes the group of members, as in family, church, work, friends and so on. We all need to be equal members if at all possible and remember to  hold those members up who are temporarily unable to hold their end up.

Looking forward to spring when all of this corrective surgery is behind me. Until then, help those who need help with their water bowls.

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