For the Love of …Random Thoughts #1Liner Wednesday

Ever had days when your brain jumps from one thought to the next before it really processes the previous thought? I am having a lot of those since I am somewhat immobile due to foot surgery. Why didn’t I dust before I got to where it would be difficult? (probably know the truth to that question). I really should have given Mimi a bath before all of this. She will be ripe by the time I am able to stand in the shower. And that stack of papers that really needs to be organized, filed and probably a large portion of them tossed in the round file. Oh, and the new paint I bought for the sun room that was going to be my 1st project when I retired. (I retired in February.)To all of these things which are on the back burners of our lives that begin to bother us when we procrastinate too long, I salute you in recognition and hope we all will get to you eventually.

For today we will worry about Electricity.What a wonderful concept – electricity. Think of the great inventions of out lifetime and previous – the “where in the world did that idea come from” mentality. Why would you think harvesting electricity from the sky would one day run my computer, especially when the concept of a computer is not even on the horizon of electricity being harvested. Its all very amazing. Too hard for me to think about this day of random thoughts. So I give you my ramblings for today in picture form. Enjoy.

indoor tiny
Anyone know what these tiny leaf plant is growing in my violets? They are cute.

These little plants will grow anywhere. When they over took my violets, I gave them a ‘haircut’ and plug the trimming in the banana tree pot – they are growing there great as well.

banana tree
You cant see the little plants well but they are doing good.

I may have created a conundrum for myself when a co-worker asked if I would be interested in a banana tree for inside. How big is it going to get – according to the web…big. Should have rethought that one.

loyal friend
Forever Friend/Protector
The mailman cometh!
Basking in the sun

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