For the love of …Faith (More Ramblings)

Faith. What a small word for such a large  impact. There is faith in your abilities, faith in your spouse, faith that my children will not get in my purse and steal the car keys(all 3 did), faith that God will take care of them when they are foolish and learning who they are(Thank you Lord for your infinite care of them). Generally when we speak of faith we are talking about our belief that Jesus as God’s son and that He loves us. I think  sometimes we over think faith; over think Christianity. I love the Bible, God’s word, and fully believe it was God inspired and written by man. Even with all the different versions, if you get a grasp of what it is saying, lay down many different version of the same set of verses, they say the same thing. We should not get hung up on one version or the next but study the one we understand the best, with true desire, and God will open the words up for us. You can take a set of scriptures today and read them again next week and come up with a different concept of who God is and what he needs you to learn today. His word is living and fits whatever situation we may be going through at any given moment. Think about this, would God allow the wrong words to be written when this is our guidebook?

While I have been recuperating, I am going back and rereading some books I have not read in a while and I grabbed Johnny Harts book – I did it His way. Marvelous book. If you are not familiar with Johnny Hart, he wrote the BC comic strip and this book is a compilation his comic strips with a religious message. They are very insightful in making you think. God is not complicated, His word is not complicated, and mostly His love and grace are not complicated. Sometimes we over think God by adding rules that are not listed in his rulebook – the bible. I have several favorites but there is one than simplifies who he is and who we are. You have BC kneeling down to pray and asking God if he is really there and to give him a sign. In the mean time, a lighted sign with flashing lights all around and broken off chains from hanging, is falling from heaven to earth. It says with arrows “I am up here.” Simple but so true. We are here, and He is there but He wants that connection, that relationship. So he gave us Jesus.

When I go on mission trips, I break it down very simple for new people. “Who is Jesus to YOU…and what are YOU going to do with that information”. That is step 1. You have to answer that before you go any further. I heard one of our government officials make a statement last week that is very true. “Christianity is hard”. While that rings true, it doesn’t have to be. I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to make it be right. What??? We cant make it right, we can only follow the example given us. Jesus our example and while we are yet sinners and can never match Him step for step, He wants us to try. He wants sincerity in the relationship between us and Him and us and the world. We may not have a long time to bring others under the umbrella of love but we need to do what we can while we can…with love.

He shows us HIS beauty in everyday things, and through the humbling relationships He gives us, to always show us His forever love, devotion and grace.

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