Final Home & The Rainbow Bridge #SixWordSaturday and #6WS

Those of us who are avid animal lovers and stronger yet the dog lovers of us, absorb that love we receive from our canine partners while we have them. We mourn their loss, vow never to forget them, wait the appropriate time then get another. Because we can not go without having one. They bring out the good in us and we hopefully do the best we can for them – those of us who are truly dog lovers. The others that get dogs and pets for selfish or ulterior motives that treat animals poorly – these are the one that I lean on scripture of “an eye for an eye” punishment but then I become as barbaric as they and therefore must depend on the legal system to do the right thing. But my focus in this particular blog is to remind those of us who are true lovers of dogs to focus on the Rainbow Bridge. If any of you do Pinterest, then you probably know what I am referring to. Pinterest a wonderful place for pictures of loving, happy, tearful pictures of our furry friends with many reference of God taking care of them while they wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. Is it real, probably not even close – many believe they do not have souls, so they just die. I myself am on the fence with that. I have seen the way my dog looks at me with eyes that penetrate me to the core. I have seen the documentaries of elephants or whales whose love and devotion carry beyond what it should. Scripture tells us of animals being created before man and that man is to care for them and all of creation. Its all cyclical teamwork in my thoughts. They all have the ability to love and that comes from God. They all have emotions such as fear or anger. Again, emotions from God. Revelations tells us of creatures worshiping God in heaven. The lion will lay down with the lamb. I am just not convinced that they will not be there for us to love on, admire or even work with. I am fully convinced God wants us happy and if this really makes us happy to have furry loved ones in heaven, I can not see God not allowing that for us.

With that thought process in mind “Homes of Love” has been written. One day I hope it is published. There are 18 different dog characters compromising various “love team” that assist in various projects and task as they await for their human owners to arrive, while the entire heaven force is preparing for the wedding feast. Total fiction but filled with many scriptural references to possibly entice a reader’s desire to verify the reference and thus learn more about what the bible has to say. The two main characters pictured below.

Dittims, newest arrival in Heaven
Baby Ruth, Matriarch and Love team leader of Christy’s house


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