Precious Childhood Memories

Its our memories that drive our purpose – good or bad. Even in a home of dysfunction and pain, there is usually a good memory somewhere that drives us and keeps us going until we can make good memories of our own. My home growing up was not painful but very dysfunctional as at times alcohol would become a beast to be reckoned with. But there were a lot of fun things we did that would cover over the painful times.

My father was into boating so we spent a large part of my childhood on the rivers of Florida and those were awesome memories. My spot for all outings was the bow of the boat with my feet hanging over the edge and the rail holding me in. My siblings were skiers. A skill I never learned but was also preferring the front of the boat instead. During my teen years, a house on the gulf was purchased so the rivers turned into the gulf and pleasure boating turned into fishing. My spot was still on the bow. I remember some of my most favorite things were racing across the gulf heading to buoy #24 and the dolphins would come race with us – almost within an arms reach. Such a fabulous memory. Now that I am in the Midwest and live on the Mississippi, it brings back a lot of those childhood river memories. Below is a shot I took at an outside music part right by the river. Boats with their lights on will glide by the concerts until it gets too dark.

Bridge and Bix

I guess water is a good memory maker for a lot of us, whether is a river, lake, ocean or even a pool. I believe water is a living entity – scripture refers to that many times.

My other strong memory maker from childhood is – Dogs, and then there are the others Dawgs as well but that is an entirely different type of animal – aka college football. Dogs in my life have been a great avenue of love, respect, courage and even peace. I can remember way back to Spot Junior the Third, so name by my brother before I came along. There was no 1st or 2nd Spot, just the one. But you know how loving and creative children can be. After him there have been a succession of 18 different dogs through my many years. Mimi is my current “protective” beast. The dog before her was Dittims, a 185 lb Harlequin Great Dane. I wish I had discovered the dane breed sooner. They really are a wonderful breed of gentle giants. I have learned many things about people by having dogs. Dogs have an uncanny knowledge and keen discernment of people and situations. Its amazing.

Family is another amazing memory. I am sure all families have their issues but there are usually always silver lining those possible dark clouds. Oh boy do I remember the fights my brother and I had. WOW, yet today we care deeply for each other. It’s what families try to do as best they can so that when the world throws you down, family can be there to help pick up the broken pieces.

My career started out in board drafting – didn’t have computers back in the stone age. But by mid-career I did transfer into CAD design. I hand drew the below picture for my dad on one of  his birthdays to reflect a funny memory from each of his 4 children. All siblings though it was cute except my brother. My funniest memory was him trying to sneak out and got his pants caught on the hook for the window screen and daddy had to get him lose. He didn’t appreciate that memory( but really he did, could I not have thought of something different he asked). Not as funny.


Upper Left – oldest sister. Before carpet, she would ride her bike around and around the table saying dads name, jumbled of course. Upper Right – Next sister was a bad sleep walker and was lost one morning only to be found in the linen closet on top of blankets sound asleep.  Lower left – my brother sneaking out. Lower Right – Me as I would jump over daddy’s legs as he read the paper in the evening. My oldest son still has that chair.

Thank you for joining my trip down memory lane. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Drop me a line of your favorites. Memories are especially wonderful when shared.

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