30 Day Blogging Challenge #1 -Lost

Hanging baskets
Flowers don’t get lost

The 30 Day Blogging Challenge may be helpful to me. Maybe I can get a clue as to what I am doing. Yea, already messed up as I am a day late starting but that’s because I got lost in the rabbit hole of trying understand what pingback was which lead me to links which lead me down another rabbit hole and then I forgot what the first question. I feel that I am doing pingbacks wrong so if you don’t see this post from a pingback link, let me know and I will go in search of other rabbit holes.

The challenger word for day #1 is Lost with the question asking of I feel lost in the blogging world. Was Alice lost in Wonderland?? Am I lost in the blogging world? Probably, too lost to really realize it. So why do I blog? Because I was told I needed a platform? What? Yea I don’t know either. It all started because I retired and wrote a book. After talking with many people in the author world, they said I needed to get my name out there so that I can promote my book. Another set of ??? Evidently the idea of writing a book is the easy part – getting someone interested in even thinking about wanting to read it is another thing and since I am a nobody – aka – not political, not criminal, not interesting  – you get the drift. Writing comes easy to me but that is because I am a little left of center or right of center depending on where you are standing.

I am a strong Christian but I don’t shoved it down anyone’s throat. You ask me a question and I will answer it to the best of be abilities per what I believe the scriptures say. Plus I am an avid animal lover, all animals but strongly for dogs.  So I have written a book in the dogs point of view. Its basically a book of a bunch of dogs sitting around a room in heaven telling their stories of their lives on earth and there are some funny crazy stories. For those of you who have family pets, they do some crazy stuff sometimes. So just like family like to sit around and laugh at fun memories, why can’t dogs. It was fun to write and some of the stories have a ring of truth to them. So would anyone really want to read something like that? I dunno? So what is my next step? I dunno? But I am continuing on. May start on a sequel – dogs do some funny stuff. I enjoy the funny pictures on Pinterest of funny dogs. Makes me giggle.

3 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge #1 -Lost

  1. Yay! Yes, the pingback worked! Way to jump in and join the challenge! Your reason for blogging is a good one, I don’t have a book to sell or anything like that, so you’ve got that going for you! Plus you write well! And, you’re creative, and your kind to your visitors and other bloggers. You’re ahead of the game if you get those things down first! Believe me, if you will, blogging takes time to learn, and it is VERY easy to feel lost when you’re starting out! Hang in there! Thank you for sharing the adventure with me!


    1. Oh, and, your book sounds intriguing! It’s okay to share the link to how to buy it when you’re posting, that’s one more way to get the word out there about it!


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