Blogging Challenge Day 2 & 3 – Favorite & Fondest

loyal friend
Mimi in Guard Mode

Since I am a day behind with this challenge, I will do two parts together to get me back on track providing I don’t have to learn a new trick, some of us are less technically minded when it comes to computers; which drives my kids crazy because as I spent over 20 years working with computers. But like I have told them, I know how to use those specific programs and since the computer world discovers a new leaf ever 6 months, its no wonder that those of us who did not grow up with computers can get lost.

Second day challenge deals with “favorite” with a key question ‘What is your favorite thing about blogging?‘ I am not sure I have a favorite part of blogging as I am still new at it. Currently it is a new exploration and I am enjoying the journey. Have met some interesting people across the globe that I would have never met and enjoy a lot of the pictures from various sites. Once I get out of this cast and can walk again, I hope to get my camera back out and join in on the fun.

The 3rd challenge is “fondest” with the key question of ‘What is my fondest post’. I think all of our fondest posts are the once that we are most passionate about. I am very passionate about treatment of dogs and think Dogs on a Chain is my current favorite but Childhood Memories is a close second. (Look at me I just figured out how to link old post. Huge victory for technically challenged me!  :0)  – that’s a typed clown smiley face

Since my current favorite deals with dogs I will post pictures of current extremely rotten 4 legged children that live in our house. We have Guard Mimi – female coon hound, protector of anyone daring to walk down the sidewalk, we wont talk about the mailman. And then there is my daughter’s male basset hound who protects the downstairs.

I am a firm believer that pets are family and that people that get a dog just to get a dog probably shouldn’t get a dog. It is a big responsibility but not really if you understand that at the beginning  its like having a small furry child that needs to be loved and taken care of. Its not a dog on a chain to be thrown a bone because you are too busy or really not wanting the dog once the newness has worn off. I am going to get off this train or this blog will be 5 pages long. Join in on the 30 Day Challenge by Shelley of Quaint Revival to see where others may visit.


Mimi,  Hot Outside                              Sofa & lap – all good

King Max                                           Hard Life



3 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Day 2 & 3 – Favorite & Fondest

  1. YAY! Excellent job on catching up and pingbacks to my blog as well as your older posts!!! See you’re learning and catching on to the tricks of the trade! I love the photos you chose, too – that couch…relaxing Max and Mimi waiting for someone to scratch her belly!! xx


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