Who Controls Who – Crushed Biscuit #1Liner Wednesday

eat 2The Bribe!  Most people who have dogs don’t have issues with   their dogs eating. Mine however looks at the food in the bowl, then at me with an expression of “Really, is that all you can do?”

eat 5
After many trial brands, this one keeps her from throwing up the best.

Maybe she really does not like her food but we have gone the full spectrum of type/price/wet/dry  and have settled on this. But I still get the look. She wont touch it unless something has been added – even if its broth off the cooked green beans. I tried waiting her out but her growling stomach was annoying and it increased her change of throwing up. We have come up with this system which seems to work  and since she always get a milk bone after eating, we went to the small bones and she gets one with her meal and one after.

So we crush one, sprinkle it on her food and then she eats. I have never had a dog that I have had to trick to eat. My daughters dog does a jig while his food is being prepared and when you have a basset hound doing a jig, that is something to see. Then in less that 3 minutes its gone. But I have seen other animals do the same I guess. I grew up around horses and some were gentle slow eaters  and some gulped it down.eat 1.jpg

PS – my floor is not always this messy but since I am recovering from surgery, the vacuum is staying in the closet.

  Come join us for fun with Linda G. Hill’s One Liner Wednesdays. Its fun seeing everyone’s posts.


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