#30 Day Challenge – #4 First

I am very new to this fun project in my life – blogging. Still don’t know exactly what I am doing but sticking with it and picking up new stuff daily. What will be funny is a year from now I hope to say -“What was I so confused about?” but I could also be no smarter than I am now. But for me, I have a different concept than the adequate “techquies” that do this for money. I do it for the enjoyment of meeting new people, sharing ideas and beautiful pictures and of course the laughter that sometimes comes in particular posts when we can all share in the fun of it. And for me, as I sincerely care for people, it gives me the opportunity to encourage and pray for others.

My very first post did not have pictures as I had not clue but as of now I can add pictures. My first post deals with the Gift of the Senses that God gave us so that we could enjoy the things we see, the things we hear, the things we smell, the things we taste and my favorite the things we touch. Think of the wonderful gifts these are and how tragic it can be when we lose or have never known one of these amazing gifts.

Alps 2
Sense of Sight – The Alps
Sense of Smell – Delicate Flowers
Sense of Taste – Watermelon from my garden

Sense of Hearing –  The beauty of music and the warning of possible trouble(not really)

years ago
Sense of touch – Loving touch of family and friends

There is so much that can be conveyed through these senses, whether it be light or strong, it should be relished for the gift it is.

Come join us for a walk through our beginning journeys of blogging with Shelley @ Quaint Revival.




One thought on “#30 Day Challenge – #4 First

  1. A very inspiring message – and I love the photos you chose to use as well! The adorable family one, and I chuckled at the dog one warning of trouble ;-)! Happy Blogging, you’re doing great with the challenge!!


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