30 Day Challenge – Day 5&6 “Start & Skip”

New Beginnings

Why do we start anything new? Is it curiosity? Or a new challenge? Maybe it is something so far out in left field we have no clue what we are doing or how to even get started. But we give it a try to see where it take us.

That’s what blogging is for me.  I started this year near the end of July and it has been an interesting journey for me and yes it is very time consuming. But just like any new flower or plant, you start with seeds or new growth, water and feed it and watch it grow. I was told to start a blog as a means to create a platform – still not sure what that means but here I am.

Many people have given me tips on how to get things done and this challenge is part of that training I hope to grow from. Shelley @ Quaint Revival has started this for those of us who are just starting out and also for those of you who have been doing it for a while and want to remember when. Yesterday’s challenge word was ‘start’ and the phrase was  ‘Why start a blog’. What I am learning is nobody is perfect at this except those who have been doing it for a while and are now teaching those of use just starting out. And even those people learn new stuff every day, if not on the technical side of blogging but from the many wonderful people you meet while doing this creating way of communication world wide.

And that comment leads us into the next challenge word ‘skip’ and phrase of ‘what does it feel like if you skip a day’. I have read comments from several bloggers on this subject with as many varied opinions as there are probably bloggers. I personally do not feel any guilt if I miss a day as I missed yesterday. But yesterday was the first day in 3 weeks since I was able to get out of the house after foot surgery. It was fun but exhausting. Its amazing how it takes the whole body time to recover when one part has been worked on. But good report from Dr. with continued healing.

Blogging has been most enjoyable for me and not something that I feel I need to do everyday, I usually do but its not job for me, or my only way to express myself or something that drives me. Blogging has to have personal tool requirements per each individual’s needs. If it gets to where you no longer enjoy how you are doing it, then maybe you need to revise how you think about it.

Blogging to me is a means of sharing the things that inspire me and if it inspires the reader as well then that is a double bonus. And like minded/inspired bloggers share their thoughts together creating friendships and some of those friendships can be across the world. So my advice to anyone who may read this is to enjoy your passions, share your passions and friendships will evolve like the new growth of a plant as it reaches ever upward.

Enjoy your weekend, will be praying for those on the east coast – could be rough this weekend.

One thought on “30 Day Challenge – Day 5&6 “Start & Skip”

  1. Great job combining two days into one for the challenge AND for the positive message of the importance of finding your own personal groove with blogging! That is very important! I’m so happy to read you were able to get out and about and that your foot is healing!!!


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