Hello, My name is Dittims

Junior aka Dittims

Hello, my registered name is Spot Junior but my friends and family call me Dittims. I was named after the first dog my mom had when she was a kid. His name was Spot Tillman Junior III. There was no first or second. He was named by mom’s brother who was 3 at the time. It was actually my mom’s human daughter that gave me my nickname Dittims because she said I was special. I guess I am pretty special as I am totally deaf and have only 25% vision in my left eye and about 90% vision in my eye but it did not stop me from enjoying life. I was a happy puppy. I was born on Alabama but moved with my mom and her human daughter to Iowa when I was about 6.

I am a Harlequin Great Dane but mostly all white except for a few spots on my right side. I stand about waist high to my mom, weigh about 185 lbs and love sitting in my mom’s lap. My favorite game is the cup toss. My mom loves the frozen cola drink ICEE that you get at the gas stations in the south. She always saves the last swallow for me and once I finish it then I have a fun toy, until of course I tear it to shreds and mom takes it away from me. But that’s OK because I know she will bring me another in a day or so. The cup toss game is a game I made up where I take the cup and throw it up in the air with my mouth and then I race around this big bush in the yard and zoom by picking the cup up as I fly by. Some of us Danes really like to run. You know we are part grey hound so its natural part of us. My mom has written a book about me and all her other dogs she had when growing up. She hopes to get it published and if she does she will let you know where to find it. Other pictures have been added for you to see so enjoy. Its been nice talking to you. Have a great weekend as it is coming, and cooler weather is too. Need to get out my sweater.

Me and mom
Snow in LA(Lower Ala) weird right?
Me and first grandchild, he was tiny.


2 thoughts on “Hello, My name is Dittims

    1. He was not Albino. He had 4 large spots on his right side, one in the shape of a heart. His blindness came from poor eye size development. he was a backup littler which they say should not be an issue but with the giant breeds I think it was. All of the puppies in this litter had issues. But he was a special love.

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