Again Nature Rages #1LinerWeds

As I sit here in Iowa, I watch places that I am familiar with being inundated by yet another late season storm. The hurricanes that hit at the back end of the season are always more fierce and this one is still going strong hitting towns I left to move to the mid-west. As the Weather Channel showed videos from St George Island in Florida, I saw water as it moved through someone’s screen porch with the waves slapping against the ceiling. I was heart sick. I had lived through that when young and I fully understand what they are going through. The storm now is moving through my home state of Georgia and family and friends are hiding and hoping for the best.

Mother Nature as we call it can be a beast that consumes whatever it touches. Whether it be from hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms, nor’ easters and even fire storms nature calls the shots and we try as we might to survive the onslaught. Sometimes we don’t survive like we had hoped but at the end of the day if no one gets hurt its a good day. Stuff can be replaced.

So my prayers go out to all the rescue personnel, all the line repairmen, and all of those who endured today and to those still in its path.

And in closing as I always, please be kind to those having difficult days. Kindness during tragedy carries even more weight.


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