The Value of a Hug

When we chose to get married, we wear a ring to symbolize the love we share with another individual. We wear this ring on our left hand on our “ring” finger. Do you know why its called the ring finger? This finger has blood flow from a single vein that goes straight to the heart – where we say love  must come from. We can have love in various forms as the different love languages tells us but all forms of love come from a commitment of the heart. And I believe all forms of love are shown through some form of touch. A hug is the quintessential form in expressing whichever form of love you are expressing.

Hugs from our spouse
Hugs between parents and children
Group Hug

 All though the scriptures God tell us to love because He is loved us first.

First day

But we are not the only specie that understands the value of a hug. All of the animal kingdom understands the value of hugging to express love, tenderness, compassion, friendliness.

And even with inter-species there are various forms of hugging.


Hugging takes kindness and those who read me know I am a big fan of being kind. So in closing, I remind myself and anyone else to always be kind and if you get the chance, hug someone or a favorite animal today.

PS – I want to shout out to all photographers who have the ability to take marvelous photos and add them to the internet where those of us who do have have abilities or access to the many places you go. Thank you for sharing you love for all of us to enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The Value of a Hug

  1. I am a hugger!! Hugs can encourage, show love, comfort, express kindness, and just be a joyful thing to share with another person.
    Love this post…thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures and how even animals hug.


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