The Grand Questions of What and Where

It is getting to be that time of year where we decorate the house to show our fun side or serious side of decorating. Some are very modern, some very traditional and then there is me with what strikes my fancy at the given moment. I don’t really have themed trees but I they are on the specific side. My biggest tree 7.5′ is in the living room and that one generally has the more traditional of nicer type ornaments; the 4.5′ tree on top of my dining room table is decorated all white tree with the village beneath; then there is the fun 6.5′ tree in my bedroom at the bump out window. I am on schedule to be complete by Wednesday and will share my fun when complete but for now I though I would share Santa and Chris Moose as they discuss the best placement ideas for the lights on the tree in the bedroom. Its can be a big discussion…

Santa and Chris discussing lights


Christmas is a serious as well as a fun and wonderful time for all of us who are still kids at heart. I wish each of you the very best holiday months as you spend time with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure you hug them all and let them know how very special they are to you.

And as always, I close with a reminder to us all, including my self, Be kind. Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of the holidays we forget and become rushed and self absorbed. If you are too busy to really speak. them remember to smile – a smile can turn a frown upside down.

Truly immeasurable

6 thoughts on “The Grand Questions of What and Where

  1. You’re starting early for Christmas decorations and have multiple trees!! Awesome. The holiday season is so short that getting decorations up early extends the holiday feelings. My kids and I will get them up pretty soon too.


    1. I need to be fully ready by Thursday as I have surgery Friday on my right foot and will not be able to walk for 6 weeks. I was not going to miss out on enjoying my decorations so I am getting it all done early. So fun.

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      1. I hope your surgery goes smoothly and recovery is swift! It must be difficult to not be able to walk. Happy to hear though that your decorations are up and you can enjoy them after the surgery. Take care!!


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