The Tranquility of Morning Snow

Even though the sun is probably up and shining somewhere, it is not here. As I drink my early cup of tea I am surrounded by the quiet of fresh falling snow. Even Mimi is refusing to get out of bed. She knows stuff if falling from the sky.

The sound you hear when snow is lightly falling is very tranquil. There is a slight sound as the frozen crystals find their resting place. It reminds you that if you look hard at nature, there is always a beauty in God’s creation.

Even the birds are quiet this morning. That may be because the feeder is empty for now. Once they get up and going they will sit on the edge of my window and peck at the glass to let me know that I am falling down on the job.

IMG_20181121_135443 (1)
Hey, I know you are in there!

In the summer they are on their own but in the winter, I like to help. They are very comical to watch.

Today’s Photo Challenge from Dutch Goes the Photo is a challenge we all need to focus on in this crazy fast paced world. Finding tranquility so that you can focus on the important things surrounding you. For me, finding my center is refocusing on Christ. Yes, He is the reason for the season but it should last through out the year. If we could share the love and kindness in everything we do it could make this world a better place. No act of kindness is ever wasted. I leave you with a tree of love from Hope for the Broken Hearted.


3 thoughts on “The Tranquility of Morning Snow

    1. I have to laugh because in the new Grinch movie when he is trying to sneak through the now it is making the “snow” sound and he makes the comment of it being the loudest so ever.


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