Do You Have a Favorite Ornament?

We have now crossed over to December so it is a perfect time to add more pictures of my over zealous indoor Christmas. I do hope it is not a total bore to you. Since I knew my surgery would prohibit me from decorating in December, I got to get ready by the second week of November. So I have been enjoying my 3 trees already along with my village and other Christmas cheer. I will display some that you may have seen and some new.

The first pic is my tree on the dining room table with my 40+ piece village beneath the tree. The second pic is the tree in my bedroom bump out window. Santa and Chris Moose had different opinions on how to hang lights on the tree. The last one is the tree in the living room.  So you see I have lots of enjoyment surrounding me. Next week I may be walking(sort of) and I will get that small trees up in the kitchen and bathrooms – no room left unattended.  But with all this decoration, is there a favorite? I dunno – maybe each tree has one, but not really. I do know some are favorites as they bring special memories to mind. For instance, my bedroom tree is the fun tree which holds my silly ornaments and ornaments my children made when they were young. Of those my favorite is the clothes pen angel my oldest made when he was 3. (He turned 40 this year) And of course this tree has all the S’more ornaments, over 30 of those. You can see the angel S’more behind Jimmy’s angel.

The first ornament placed on this tree 

The other 2 trees are harder to find a favorite as they are all wonderful. Each year I  try to find 1 or 2 special ornaments that are different or extra special. So I will give you a few samples from each of the other trees. The tree on the dining room table is all white, glass or silver.

The tree that is in the living room is the so-called formal tree but my idea of formal probably differs from other ideas of formality as I am a pretty laid back type person. Since I was an art major in college, some of that bleeds through on this tree.

As the month goes onward, I will also share my nativity scenes. Yes, there are more than one, not including all the nativity type ornaments hanging on the tree that represent the true reason for the season.

Even Santa knows that true love comes from the manger

In the gentle  mindset of the holiday season remember the value of being kind. Even Charlie Brown understands the gift of kindness.

CB Christmas

If you have a favorite ornament or like sharing the Christmas decor from your house, do share. I so enjoy looking to see how others decorate. Have a marvelous week.


10 thoughts on “Do You Have a Favorite Ornament?

  1. Yay, love this post! I have wondered about your Christmas decorations. Your trees are just as beautiful as I thought they must be. Wanted to ask you to post some pics and now I don’t have to. ❤️

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      1. If it makes you smile, keep taking photos! I never thought I’d get into photography but now I am so hooked that I never leave home without my camera. 😀

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  2. Aw – so fun! This year I didn’t put out any of my favorites – all-new shatterproof ones. But, when I do put them out, I have mine that was purchased each year by my mom as I was growing up, the ones the kids made me, and some of my mom’s childhood ornaments. As I hang each one, I think of the stories told throughout the years. Thanks for sharing your trees with us! I wish you continued healing and enjoyment of the season!

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  3. What an assortment of decorations you have!! Love that you still have the ornament your son made years and years ago. My kids each get to buy one special ornament to put on the tree. I thought this would be fun to see how their taste and interest changes through the years.

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