Another Year’s End, How Blessed

Comparison of the end of a beautiful day and the end of a interesting year,

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Colors don’t show how the sky looks on fire

My house sits on top of a hill, so from my back yard I get to see the sun set as it closes out each day. Today’s sunset reminds me of how tomorrow we will close out another year. Today was a bright sunny day ending in an exquisite fiery flame red sunset against distant clouds. Our year is ending, seemingly on a high  note but are their distant storm clouds ahead? Who knows? Does it do any good to worry about the possible storm clouds? No. Are you surrounded by storm clouds now? Possibly. Try to focus on the hand that is reaching down through those storm clouds to hold you steady.

hand of god

When things seem at their worse try to focus on the blessings you have, even though they change daily. It will help your perspective.


  • Do I have family and friends that know what I am going through to encourage me?
  • Do I have food in the house for me to eat?
  • Do I have a roof over my head keeping me out of the cold and rain?
  • Do I have running water to drink and wash with?
  • Do I have fresh air to breathe?
  • Do I have a savior who knows what all I need and loves me more than I know?

Jesus tells us not to borrow troubles from tomorrow but to focus only on today. Be thankful in the many small blessing you see as they will bring into focus the things you forget you have every day.

As we get ready for the new year, remember to focus on the beauty in life. Yes, it can be very hard but their is always beauty if you look for it. The beauty of a bird as it flies branch to branch, never working, always trusting and knowing it will be provided. Sometimes that provision comes from an unsuspecting squirrel as he too jumps branch to branch seeking and knocking down seeds to the ground for that to bird can get.

Provisions sometimes come for outlandish sources but if you look, you can see His hand at work providing your needs – maybe an angel in disguise.

I bid you all a most wonderful new year with more joy, less pain and brighter hopes. And as I always remind all of us – Be kind. Sometimes your pain or sadness can be lifted by being kind to another person or creature. Kindness is the Love Food of God.


Happy New Year

7 thoughts on “Another Year’s End, How Blessed

  1. Thank you for this hopeful and inspiring post as we head into the new year in 1 day!! Still in disbelief that time leaves me in its dust!!
    It’s true that I have worries about what the next year will bring, but it will do me no good. Just like I had no idea how this year would turn out in 2017.
    This year was full of goodness and surprises as well. Even when it seemed bleak, God held my hand and our family together. I am so grateful for God’s blessings, timing, answered and unanswered prayers, and for God’s provisions.
    Wishing you a wonderful and healthy 2019!! Hope your feet will be in full recovery by spring and you can enjoy the outdoors. So happy that we became blog friends…you are a special person indeed!!

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  2. Love the pictures, especially the sunset! We are on vacation with family on a cruise ship. I hear tomorrow will have lots of festivities. Oh boy? Regardless, I hope you have a very blessed NYE and NY! God has goodness and mercy planned for His children! Amen!

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  3. Happy new year, my friend; I hope 2019 is awesome for you. Right there are some storm clouds with me losing my job and my financial situation but I trust God will take care of me. But God works in mysterious ways. There was this girl at work that I liked; we talked a bit and she really seemed happy to see me. I was too anxious to ask for her number and I could never get a chance alone to ask her. Literally as I was leaving on my last day; never to come back; I saw her alone for a few moments; I nervously asked for her number and she was happy to give it to me and gave me a hug. So when one doors closes;a another door opens. God is giving me all these opportunities because he knows I am finally ready for it. Once I gave my life to God; my life has changed for the better. I will continue to have faith in the year to come. Thank you for all the support this year; its appreciated

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