What a exciting word Debbie Smyth has challenged us with for One Word Sunday. I don’t really have my own pictures but tomorrow promises to be a new day so I thought I would join in. New means a fresh start, replacement of something old or broken or the beginning a whole different adventure. For me its a whole NEW adventure or job as it were. Last February I retired from 40 years of quality control and management of the manufacturing process. A much needed and well deserved rung of my latter but of late, even though I have fully enjoyed my writing and my new found friends across the world, something was still lacking. So when my church asked me if I would be interested in being the secretary for the church, I thought about it for a while and then said yes. Going from standing the firm line on making sure the manufacturing process was correct to answering the phone and being gentle like the previous secretary was may be a bit of a challenge. While I have always been a strong proponent of always being kind, now I have to add gentle into the equation.

Can it be done

So as I start my new chapter( its only part time) I will have to add a reminder not only to be kind but to also be gentle. That also is a fruit of the spirit mentioned in scripture.

gentle 1



13 thoughts on “New

  1. Congratulations! I served as the treasurer for our church when I was a stay-at-home mom, it was nice to have a part-time gig (non-paid) to keep me chatting with adults instead of my kids and pets all day long. It’ll be nice for you to dust off the PC coat and join in on meetings and discussions again. You’ll probably come up with some awesome system to keep track of things. And you’re not going to have a problem being kind, that’s just you through and through!


      1. You’re welcome. Me, too, I’m so very grateful our paths have crossed here in the blogging world!!


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