Curiosity, #JusJoJan

We have all heard the phrase of “Curiosity Killed the Cat”. I don’t have a cat at the moment so when I looked for pictures on line for curiosity pictures of cats there are thousands, even ones that sadly lived up to the phrase above. But I did find the one below that I thought was awesome. I have even used that same look when someone says something to me deserved of that look.


Cats are endearing creatures, especially when kittens. The things they will do in exploring their world.


Then they become demanding rulers of the house and you become the slave. Although Mimi, my coon hound, pretty much has rule of the house and dogs too can have that same look of curiosity when studying something they are trying to figure out.


And then we spent millions of dollars on a robot and sent it to Mars to find the life we just knew was there and we named it “Curiosity” – Who da’ thunk.

curoisity mars

As we chuckle over the funniest of animals and man’s great curiosity of “what’s out there” lets us come closer to home and remember to always be kind. Even animals understand kindness and use it when they know it’s needed.

Be the spark of someones sunshine for today.

Linda G Hill’s along with Pam’s prompt of Curiosity brings us our fun for another snow coming day. Stay safe and warm my friends.

9 thoughts on “Curiosity, #JusJoJan

  1. Such a lovely post. Thanks 🙋. We have a rescue greyhound who used to race. After a year she at last feels safe enough to be curious like a cat. There is no part of our kitchen and utility room she hasn’t sniffed out and she follows us everywhere. Unless she gets tired then she escapes upstairs to her bed 😁

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      1. We are rather surprised how easy ours is. She has her five crazy minutes especially if one of us comes home but otherwise she mainly sleeps. Or eats. Or follows us. Have I mentioned she eats… 😁🙋


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