Beautiful Destruction of Winter

Ice under the snow.

The storm moves in slow, fooling first as rain

But with temps way too cold, it brings only pain.

Before moving to snow and feeling the ice’s weight

The limb fell even lower sealing the tree’s fate.

Will further storms break it as it heads to the ground

Or will nature spare it,  this fate so profound

In hopes of a spring with bright glistening fun

Bring rebirth to a tree when it reaches for the sun.


Let us be the bright glistening sun for those who may feel trapped in a cold winter storm.


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Destruction of Winter

  1. Beautiful poem – it always amazes me how the trees survived the snow, ice, and cold. You captured it well! Stay warm. It’s really cold where I live today and will be for a week and a half. Burr… But, stopping by your blog always warms my heart!

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