Frozen Beauty



We huddle close to fight the fierce and raging wind

Hoping to not face it as we round the next bend.

As we reach the building edge and peek around to see

We gets blasted in the face as the wind howls “look at me”.

Winter’s demanding  blast this year, a force to reckon with

As snow joins low temps to break some record making myths. 

But misery moves aside  to reflect the beauty God can make

As we look around at mounds of white and tree crystals we pray don’t break.

We’d rather have warm temperatures with flowers all around

But will accept this fate for now until comforting times are found.

anita neal

When I got to the church this morning the trees were really beautiful but the parking lot was still to icy for much walking about for pictures. But as I was leaving this afternoon, the ice was still hanging in the trees and looked like crystal chandeliers so I was able to get a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them and are safe and warm.



I also remind you of indisputable power of kindness.  When we are all under stress due to this oppressive cold, remember the spark of kindness could warm a hurtful soul.





8 thoughts on “Frozen Beauty

  1. The beauty of Gods creation……so true. Finding the beauty even when your body is resisting this very frigid weather. We’ve had highs of -23 here. Our driveway is currently a sheet of thick ice down to the road.


  2. Beautiful winter pictures and a wonderful poem too! I love the puffy cloud above the trees in the last shot. Even though winter can be beautiful, I am ready for spring!


      1. Today’s phone cameras are wonderful. I also have post a few pics that I’ve taken with my phone. They are handy, quick, and do an pretty amazing job.


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