Sole or Soul, #SCoS 3/16/19

What a thought provoking Stream of Consciousness Linda Hill has given us today. Webster has many versions for sole with it being an adjective, verb or several versions of a noun. As with a verb, I am the sole writer of today’s intelligence. However the intelligence solely depends on the individual reader.

Or maybe we are referring to the most marvelous sole fish, flounder, as the type we had in Florida growing up.

We used to go gigging for these as a kid

Or we could be referring to the soles of my shoes which currently represent spring thaw and mole tunnel stomping.


Or maybe we are referring to our soul, the spiritual inner self that communes with the Holy Spirit. and when this body dies, goes to heaven to be with God.


Most only believe that only humans have a soul. I disagree with that. Other creatures may not have the capability for the Holy Spirit to help them commune with God, but they commune. God created all living things therefore it is my belief he gave all living things the ability to be with Him, to love Him and to commune with Him.

In the book of Revelations, John spoke of God creating a new heaven and a new earth for man to live in peace with all of His creation. My very first book is under review for publication and while it is totally fiction, it deals with man and animals working together in heaven like we were supposed to be able to do in Eden.

None of us really know what heaven is truly like although a few people have had near death experiences and some of them describe similar sightings. It really doesn’t matter, it is all tied up with faith and discernment of scripture. But while we are still on this earth, let us always try to give a little touch of heaven by be kind and supportive to all of creation.



16 thoughts on “Sole or Soul, #SCoS 3/16/19

  1. I saw this post earlier this evening and kept the tab open to read later. Then I went to look at Facebook where I became overwhelmed with sadness by posts of human cruelty to animals, So coming back here to read this now eases my sadness. I needed this hope. Your book sounds interesting.

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  2. Wonderful post connecting to faith. And I agree you with about heaven and when we will be in our true home!
    No meat tears – no more pain – and just home for our soul… with a glorified body
    But I digress
    I also loved how you broke down the word sole.
    And your sneakers are a great shot!

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      1. And you know what is so cool – your post seems to be the perfect compliment (bit of an opposite) to my take on the prompt this week. Because I did not use sole at all and I also did not mention God or the Hoky Spirit – just because I was not led to write about it – and then after I read yours I realized if I were to write a part 2 – maybe I would write exactly what you wrote – or not – because you are you and I am me – but I liked this post (as you can see)

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