I Could Not Help It

I am doing some minor remodeling downstairs and I needed to go to Lowe’s for supplies. So as I came up to the register, they had in the aisle early bulbs coming up. I didn’t really need any bulbs but I could not help myself. I needed the proof that spring is actually coming.


So tired of the  cold, so ready for the warmth of spring and the smell of flowers and the stores know this so that’s why they put these right by the registers. I admit it, I am weak and I fell to the ploy of management impulse buying techniques.

Once it does really look like spring, I know this year I will not have to buy as much as last year. A lot of bulbs already planted, hopefully the bitter -34 degrees didn’t destroy them.  Time will tell. Until then enjoy what Mitch Teemly calls Sprinter.

And as the sun begins to shine more warmly, try to shine yourself more warmly and be kind. It is a brightness that is much needed.


3 thoughts on “I Could Not Help It

  1. A pop of color that will continue to pop is a must and totally appropriate with the winter we’ve had! Smile every time you look at it! I know I would!


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