Cee’s FOTD, Daylily

My daylilies are finally opening. Crazy spring weather delayed a lot of my hot weather bloomers. Cee’s FOTD post for today was a daylily so I had to play along as well as I have four different types. A miniature variety was already here when I moved in, I planted a one to help take over a small flower bed(its doing a nice job), one was a mother’s day gift and one the birds planted. My miniature lilies are not open yet so they will make a future post.

The yellow one I planted, the pink one the birds planted and the reddish one was a gift. I loved the ones with the ruffled edges. Interesting as all centers of these are yellow.

I also have sunflowers growing that the birds planted that I will post when they open. Birds, my little helpers.

If you enjoy challenges, check in with Cee’s List of challenges and their hosts on any of her challenge posts and have fun.

And as you enjoy the fun of challenges, let that fun develop into a smile across you face to share with others to radiate kindness.

kind smile

3 thoughts on “Cee’s FOTD, Daylily

  1. I agree, this crazy spring delayed my daylilies too – they are just finally getting blossoms. Crazy! They’re usually much earlier in the year. Yours are very pretty – I only have yellow ones.

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