Flower of the Day, 8/15/19

Man, where did this month go. I have been so busy this month I cant believe its half over. The air is beginning to cool just a bit so I know the flower will be gone by the end of September but I am really enjoying them now.


Now that the June bugs are finally gone, my geranium is getting a second wind. I love the blush of white in the center.

Never forget just how beautiful you are as you were made just as special as any flower ever made. We are all precious in His sight. Reflect your beauty and always be kind, it reflects His beauty.


Come join in on Cee’s fun challenge of FOTD and share the beauty of flowers.

7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day, 8/15/19

  1. This month seems long to me, but I live in Texas and August is our hottest month. But then again, we are out and about all throughout winter and are rarely housebound because of ice or snow. I love the silver linings in every cloud. ❤️

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