The Fun We Expect & Beauty Too, SoCS

Linda G Hill challenged us to write something for Stream of Consciousness Saturday with words including ect, so here we go….

The exceptional subject matter photographers use here on WordPress are an amazing way to enjoy the perfect beauty of this world we live in – even with all of it disrespectful ugliness.  So today I post some respectful beauty from bloggers here, one I respectfully downloaded. I expect you to at least enjoy the picture if not the short notes.

Foggy Sunrise
Photo by  Irene Tron of Heaven’s Sunshine


Like smoke

Fills the forest

In the eerie morning



Jez Sunrise
Photo By Jez Braithwaite of Jez Photos


Brightly emerges

On open sea

To start a new


From FaceBook of Lake Altoona in Georgia


Orange sky

At day’s beginning

To help us enjoy


And in all things remember the value of kindness and let it fall expectantly from you.

sun rise


7 thoughts on “The Fun We Expect & Beauty Too, SoCS

  1. ‘ect’? Well, okay…

    The ectomplasmic ghoulies
    are taking office now,
    expecting us be coolies,
    and direct us here to plow
    their quite imperfect paradigms
    neglectful of the cost
    that will be paid in future time,
    disrespecting what’s been lost
    when we reject common tradition
    for the introspective new
    which projects us to perdition,
    and in retrospect, we’re through
    for we fostered the fell disconnect,
    this Babel-tower dialect.

    That made my brain hurt.

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