CFFC, Fun With the Past

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge allows us to bring fun from our archives or new pictures that reflect ideas from the picture above : Mural, covered bridge, car, green, grass, vintage car, people, trees, road, flowers, landscape, sidewalk, or come up with your own topic.

So below are some of my pictures of the past. Since we are venturing out less right now, I felt this was a fun way to deal with the self quarantine.

Mural, one of several from my town, Rock Island Illinois:


Centennial Bridge between Iowa and Illinois and blue sky:


Flowers, can’t wait until spring:

Landscape & trees around town:


Old cars:

We are now in a time of more fear and resentment and the need for kindness and patience is drastically needed more than ever. Remember to always be kind especially when others are not. Be the light they need.

hope 6

8 thoughts on “CFFC, Fun With the Past

  1. At the end of all your days
    when, with God, you turn the pages
    on which He wrote your chosen ways
    and made note of all the stages
    of the life through which you’ve passed,
    will you be happy in its truth,
    or, how here, at the last,
    will you need to give excuse
    for the love you have withheld,
    for the kindness left un-shown,
    for the seed that was left shelled
    which He had meant to be sown?
    Did you give grace, or were so hurried
    that you left His talents buried?

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