Beauty In Life, SMM

Irene of Heaven’s Sunshine has a Monday post of macro photography, and while I only have my cell phone, it does a pretty decent job. Since my state is “shelter in place” we are not out and about but after the spring snow from last night, about 2 inches, I just had to walk around the block. It was early and no one much was out but the distinct sound of the wood peckers tat-tat-tat could be heard as it echoed through the quiet morning. The first couple of pictures follow the “macro” theme but I am also including the beauty I saw this morning of the naked trees draped in the graceful beauty of white as they stretch their limbs toward heaven, something we need to do as well in this time of challenge and sadness. May you all be safe during this time.

Hope you enjoy a few of the 40+ pictures I took from this best kind of snow – beauty with clear streets – not that I am going anywhere…




Hill up 36th

And as always, remember the beauty of life, even in dark times. There is always a silver lining even though it may be too small to see – it can be felt.

Isaiah encouragement

5 thoughts on “Beauty In Life, SMM

  1. There’s beauty in the frozen days,
    and beauty in russet fall;
    the loveliness of spring draws praise,
    but I like summer most of all.
    I love the beer that’s iced to slush,
    and canned chilled beanie-weinies,
    and I thank God, yes, oh so much,
    for college girls in string bikinis.
    I love the blazing summer sun,
    mirages on the highway;
    it feels like life has just begun,
    and Frank sings he’s done it My Way
    on convertible’s radio as it blares
    and in my dust are left my cares.

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