Flower of the Day, …or Week ??

This past Sunday, my precious daughter gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. They were and are still so lovely.

Mother’s Day Flowers

The vase was so full, I actually split them into two vases so they could breathe better. So now there are flowers in the dining area and the living room. Now that it is 6 days later, they are beginning to fade a bit but the sweet-peas are just now opening and they are beautiful, with a rich rose and a white that is tipped with pink.



As you embrace the beauty of spring and the many flowers of spring and summer, remember the smiles they give you and smile back in return. They enjoy kindness as well.

Flower kind3

Come join with Cee and share you flowers, we all enjoy looking at Flowers of the Day.

And as always remember to be kind to people too.

kind flower

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