Flower of the Day, Peonies

I am a day behind on Cee’s FOTD, Peonies, as that was yesterday but I had my fence flowers I wanted to show off yesterday as I finally got them planted. Her flower today is a gorgeous Iris. This is such a fun challenge and I need to take more pictures to have in my archive so when snow is on the ground I can still play with flowers. But today, it is my peonies. I started with one plant and now have three in the same area. I didn’t know they would do that.


In past years, when that would be in full bloom and smothered with flowers, the stems had a hard time holding up the weight of the blooms, so this year I added tomato cages to them to see if the support would help. We have not had a storm come though yet so we will see but the cages are hidden form the size of the bushes.



Such wonderful flowers. I would bring some inside but the ants love them too and are all inside the blooms. They don’t seem to damage the blooms so I leave them be.

And as always I remind you to be kind whenever you can. Sometimes it is real hard but we must try when we can.



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