Waiting on Cristobal, FOTD

Growing up in south Georgia and north Florida, tropical weather is a norm. But now that I live in the Midwest, it’s kind of a weird phenomenon. Watching the clouds start rolling in last night against the setting sun were beautiful. The colors seemed to glow.

When looking at the radar this morning, I knew I had time to grab some quick photos before possible damage and then take all the hanging planters down as well as the bird feeders. The winds from the second storm coming from Nebraska on the tails of Cristobal seems to have worse wind potential and I down want plants flying about. Below are a few of the prettier flowers plus my lilies that are just opening. Hope that can stand the torrents. Come join in with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

And one last closeup of a ant wanting one last taste before the storm hits.


Remember that all of us are going through storms, some small, some huge. Never underestimate the value of kindness to help us survive life’s storms. Sometimes when we show kindness during our own storms, relief and peace can then surround us. Try to always be kind.


kind storm1

8 thoughts on “Waiting on Cristobal, FOTD

  1. Anita, I nodded my head as I read of you taking down hanging flowers. I brought mine in last night, thankfully. This morning, we had rain and SNOW flying. It’s warming up slowly, and I’m hoping my outdoor flowers and my garden survived the near freeze.

    I’m so thankful our Father walks with us through every storm, and that He gives us the capacity to show kindness to others, even in the midst of our own difficulties, if we’ll just look outside ourselves. Your flowers are beautiful!


    1. Thank you. Your kind words are so precious. From snow to tropics, what a weather pattern we are having. I think the weather is also showing our inner turmoil with this broken world. Hope your garden survives without much harm.


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