FOTD – April 28

Spring reminds us of the awakening of our souls to the beauty of nature with flowers popping out everywhere. Cee’s post of Flower of the Day, reminds us to go look. Today I notice my lilacs are blooming. Since they are in the back, I have to remember to make a special effort to see them. It was well worth it – the bees thought so as well.

Their beauty was complemented by their delightful fragrance.

Another thing that is equally as beautiful and fragrant as lilacs is kindness. Kindness has the ability to bring a smile even on the darkest moment, even for a short moment. But it is well worth it.

Even though this is a bit blurry, I think you can read that in all areas of life, kindness can grow with just a little effort. Sow that effort and always be kind.

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