FOTD-May 13,Flower’s Seed

Two years ago I planted one small plant of Columbine in a container and now they seem to have taken control…but I don’t mind. They are lovely. So for Cee’s Flower of the Day, I give you a takeover queen and she is lovely.


Currently there are 8 plants started from the one “mother” plant. They are early bloomers, don’t last that long and give the garden a gentle beauty to bring you out of winter’s cold. You can see they are an inverted flower, hanging their delicate blooms downward.

But when you flip them over to look inside, its is quite stunning. Yes, I am a bit of a flower geek.

Multiple layers of cupped petals with a bright yellow center

As you walk around enjoying the beauty of flowers this spring and summer, remember they are showing you their beauty as a reflection of their kindness. Reflect kindness as well in all that you do. You might just brighten someone’s dark day.

Always be Kind

6 thoughts on “FOTD-May 13,Flower’s Seed

    1. They grew great for me in Ga and I didn’t know if they would grow here in Iowa. Looks like they will. The seed scattered into the rock bed in from of my house and are growing there.


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