Googled Puppies

See, this is what happens when it raining, or you can get out, or you are just plain bored or even all three. You google fun pictures. I saw one of these posted on Facebook with a caption so I had to go play too and then write a poem about it.

The Puppy Climb

Why did you go climb way up there?

I can’t come, it’s the top of the stair.

You are my friend and should be with me

Now you’ve walked off where I can’t be.

What do you mean, It’s not that hard?

I would rather we play here in the yard.

We can go roll and romp in the sun

Climbing stairs is no way to have fun

Must you look at me with that frown?

What goes up is bound to come down

I will try climbing up there just for you

But if I fall down I will blame you too

Even if you are not much on dogs, there is something about puppies that makes you smile. Remember to always be kind, to all kinds. Kindness can be the key we all need to survive this life.

Always Be Kind

9 thoughts on “Googled Puppies

  1. Aw, so sweet. I love your poem, nice job, Anita and so fitting for small dogs. My elderly little guy does much the same as a puppy. Except that he has a mindset of a wise-been-there-done-that dog. He’s quite stunned when he can’t make it up or down the stairs.

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      1. Yes, that’s true. Since he’s now deaf, I have to make sure he sees me coming or he snaps and growls. It’s amazing how much his dementia is human-like. Glad I have enough human experience with that to remind myself to be extra kind and patient with him.

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  2. Looking at photos of cute animals is a happy treat for me too! Those little eyes, furry bodies, and chubbiness…God has such creativity and humor.
    Thanks for sharing your poem with the fun pictures. Hope you have a great start to a new week. 🙂

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