View of Rain

On my day off it decides to rain, again, which delays my tasks scheduled for the day. So Instead, I write cheesy poetry and give you pictures of rain.

View of Rain

Some say it’s sad, the falling of the rain

Reflecting misery of remembered pain

Flowers see joy as the rain gently falls

Gathering on leaves to form little balls

This is a day of much dampness and wet

My planting schedule has yet to be met

Tomorrow with hope the sun may shine

Planting my flowers, a joy of mine

All forms of weather give us things to think about and tasks to either do or sit and watch. When I was younger I enjoyed being out in the rain but now it just makes me wet. But thank goodness this rain has been gentle…but this is day three – enough already.

So I went outside and took picture of the few flowers I did get in the ground. Hope you enjoy them.

Guess I will spend the rest of the day painting my wooden flowers and butterflies that will adorn my fence. Another fun task of spring. As you enjoy your spring weather, remember to be kind to all things. Flowers as well as people and animals enjoy the gestures of kindness.

Always be Kind

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