Fun with Flowers & Macro

Recently I bought a real camera instead of always using my phone. While the pictures on the phone were quite good I was not able to get really close, like seeing some of the bugs I am now seeing. Heavens Sunshine used to have a Monday’s Macro Challenge – and yes I know its Tuesday – but I thought I would post these anyway for my first try at getting really close. All of you experienced macro users can tell me what I am not doing correctly. You will not hurt my feelings.

My yard in macro:

She is watching you!!

I used to tease Irene that her photos of orchids looking like angels. This iris looks like an unhappy creature with slanted dark eyes, puffy cheeks, a long nose covering its upper mouth and maybe a hairy tongue? Only our imagination can take us to such places.

In this next one, I was amazed how the sun came through the outer petals making the inner petals almost luminescent.

Then the last one shows off what I assume is considered the beard of the iris.

Macro photography shows the beauty of up-close and personal. But flowers as a whole have a beauty that can not be matched.

As always I remind you of the value of kindness. All of creation understands the feel of kindness and needs it shared with them often.

Always be Kind

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