FOTD – July 13, Hollyhocks

I love joining in on Cee’s FOTD to see all the flowers others post. Such a happy challenge. Today I give you what I call an old southern flower. Other places had them I am sure but when I was growing up, the older gardeners always had them.

When I bought the plant, I thought I was getting the white but it seems that there were three plants in one pot and they are all different colors – white, pink and rose. And there petals seem different as the pink and rose are ruffled or curled where the white is straight and smooth. In the south these pare perennials so I will see if they can survive the winters here in Iowa.

As you enjoy the beauty of flowers, remember the beauty of kindness and share it where you can.

Amazing Stonework, July 11

The beauty of Stone, Brick, Marble or other stonework

Good afternoon friends. I started this challenge to share the beauty in older designs and architectures of yester year that are in my area. So join in and share the beauty of stonework, brick, or concrete buildings in your area with interesting designs. Include the tag above so that others can tie in with you.

We are at week 2 of a beautiful church here in Davenport, St Johns United Methodist Church. As a reminder, its architecture style is Gothic Revival and today we are finishing this building by covering some of the windows. The church does have a more modern addition but I am focusing on the older structure built in 1902 and opening in 1903. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 7, 1983.

While all church windows are amazing to look at, most people focus on the beauty of the glass. I want you to focus a little more on the stonework around them that is supporting them and in some instance highlighting their beauty.

The BIG one…I have seen it on the inside as well and it is quite stunning.

Check out the details of the stone within the window design itself.

This next window is a favorite as it is small, probably an attic window. I think I see AC vent tubes. But the stone decorative arch around it is so delicate and an artwork by itself.

All along the sides of the church are these lovely small arch windows with beautiful colored glass.

Windows allow the light of love to shine in through them which can brighten any room.

I hope you have enjoyed walking through the beauty of this church and can develop and eye for looking at other older churches and buildings. These buildings no only reflect the beauty of the architecture of the era but the compassion of the artist who made sure the details reflect their own beauty. I also tie in with Ludwig’s Monday Windows, to share the beauty of these windows.

And as always, remember the beauty and the power of kindness. When used correctly, they reflect the inner beauty of your own heart.

Always Be Kind

Tribute to Mimi

Those of us who are dog owners, know the close and valuable relations we have with our furry friends. This morning I say goodbye to Mimi. She was a loving friend and mighty protector of mommy but she could not get past her illnesses.

Queen Mimi

At 3:30 this morning she went on to join the rest of her family in heaven.

The companionship from a dog shows a pure form of love and devotion to its caretaker. When that companion departs from us, we can feel the severity of that loss only to acquire another – not to replace the companion we lost but to strengthen us and to expand that love we had been shown. May we always be deserving of that love. Anita Neal, from my book Our Home of Love

Mimi, may you enjoy the beauty of heaven and the rest of your family as y’all wait for me.

Yes, I believe they are in heaven. Remember to love on your fur babies and be kind to all kinds. Their quest of love is short here on this earth but they remain in our hearts for a lifetime.

Bye mom. See you in heaven.

CFFC Orange

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge gives us an opportunity to look at things differently if need be. Her challenge this week, Orange, could be fruit or color. I went with color and I first look to nature for that.

Sunset after the rain

Then you have the garden where multiple shades of orange show their likeness.

Then we have a purpose. Orange is a standout color to grab attention what what better way to show people the much need value in fresh water to those in need.

I did not take this picture of the young boy who is reaping the benefits of clean water, but what a happy face. I do walk for this cause – multiple times and what a great way to show orange.

Remember in all that you do, the power of kindness. It has unquenchable power.

The Power of Kindness – Freshly Married

FOTD – July 5, Verbena

When watering my yard today, it was hard to pick a favorite. So many were showing their happy faces to the morning sun. But I settled on the verbena because of its varied color and multiple blooms. Some blooms even went through the fence to be seen inside the yard.

The happy face of the Verbena

Remember to share the happiness of kindness wherever you go, it adds to the sunshine smiles of the day.

always be kind

Amazing Stonework, July 5

Good afternoon friends. I am a little late getting this posted for it has been a fun and busy day. I started this challenge to share the beauty in older designs and architectures of yester year that are in my area. So join in and share the beauty of stonework, brick, or concrete buildings in your area with interesting designs. Include the tag above so that others can tie in with you.

Today’s building is a church I pass everyday going to work or my church. No it is not my church but one across the street that has amazing stonework – St. Johns United Methodist Church. Its architecture style is Gothic Revival and I will cover it for two weeks as there is so much beautiful detail I want to share. Today we are covering doors, 4 of the older ones. The church does have a more modern addition but I am focusing on the older structure built in 1902 and opening in 1903. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 7, 1983.

This is a column support for a two side corner archway to the sanctuary

The details at the top of each of the individual columns are fascinating to be made out of masonry. Then the columns, one round and one octagon shaped I am sure have some meaning. The next picture shows the full doorway on one side. With the door being on a corner, you have duplicate archway for each side of the corner.

The corner column structure is rounded all the way up to the roofline.

This is a stained glass window on top of the sanctuary door and the masonry work around it is also interesting.

Another door on this same side further down the building goes to the church offices. It has interesting details for it as well.

Doors to office area

The top masonry details above this porch are intricate and simple at the same time making it pleasing to the eye.

On the opposite corner from the sanctuary is a side door that I am not sure where it goes but carries the same red theme and detailed archways. Red doors in churches generally means you are on holy ground and safe from evil. Along side is the detail of the arch work above the door. Maybe a statue once stood there.

The last door for today goes to the parsonage and while it seems to be the least decorated door, the archway above it is quite detailed.

I do hope you join in with me to share the beauty of older structures. You probably could not afford to build this beauty today.

And in closing, I remind us all the the beauty of kindness and how it can change the darkness of a moment for an individual to brightness.

Encouragement for Monday

Yesterday the US celebrated the 4th of July, a day we celebrate our independence. So, belated Happy Fourth of July to others in the US. A lot of us have today off as well so bonus for us. I also hope you are having a good day today wherever you are. It is bit hot already but after watering, I did get some beautiful pics of my yard and thought I would share them with you, they will be at the bottom.

Last night’s devotion in Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, combined with the Fourth of July celebration, really gave me pause for who we are. Peter spoke to the Israelites making them understand that they were a chosen people for God’s purpose. For any of us who follow Christ, it does not matter what nation we live in, trust in, or love. That is all temporary. We are His nation regardless of location…even if a nation of one.

The gratitude we feel when we draw near to God, enables us to perceive more clearly the love relationship we have in Christ. Nothing can separate us from His Loving Presence.  Sarah Young

That is a huge comfort because I know I mess up every day. We can’t control everything around us but we can control how we react to it. Instead of worrying, trust! In stead of panicking, trust! Instead of clinging to old ways that no longer do us any good, trust! He is always doing something new for us, protecting us for His use. Trust!

He always has a hand out for us to grab. Grab and hold tight, for while it may be a bumpy ride, it will be a glorious ride.

And remember, some are having a bumpier ride than others, so always be kind.

Always Be Kind

FOTD- July 1 and Last Pic for June

Good afternoon friends. I am combining two wonderful bloggers fun challenges into one since in fact a Hollyhock was the last picture on my card and its a flower. Which was not a far stretch would probably be a flower or my dog. Its a quiet life.


Cee’s Flower of the Day is always a favorite during spring and summer. But since I was cleaning off my card, it was a great time for Busyboy’s World Last on the Card for June.


I loved these when I was a kid so when I saw them at the store this spring, it was a must. The bugs really love them too but we are working on that.

Remember to share kindness wherever you go. It can create a lasting effect.

#Writephoto – The Cow

I have not joined in on this challenge in a while but today my brain is on the quirky side. Guess its because the sun is finally shinning after two weeks of rain. So I thought I would share some of my odd humor. Come join in on KL’s challenge and WRITEPHOTO with the rest of us.

Conversation Between Two Lizards

“That beast is here again.”

“I know, I see it. Just stay clear of it.”

“Why does it come down here?”

“To drink, you idiot. It’s the only water source for miles. Snakes need water too you know. They cross here.”

“What,” said Cedric in a panic as he scanned the area.

“Chill out. Mom’s waiting for us at the bottom of the orchard. The fruit is getting overripe and bring in the flies.”

“I hear that the human has several of these big beasts.”

“Yeah. Other humans want the fluid that comes from it.”

“Now that is just gross. Drinking fluid from another beast.”

“They make make things from the fluid and eat that too. The flies seem to like it.”

“And we like flies.”

“All part of the circle.”

“I guess. Flies are better,” said Cedric as they headed for the orchard.

And in closing I remind you to be kind. It matters for every being.

A Quick Encouragement

Good morning friends. I was very encouraged this morning by my devotion in My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers and wanted to share a few of his quotes with you.

There is no heaven that has a little corner of hell in it. God is determined to make you pure, holy, and right, and He will not allow you to escape from the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit for even one moment. When seen from God’s perspective, it is a glorious ministry of love. God is going to bring you out pure, spotless, and undefiled. And the moment you realize that God’s purpose is to get you into the right relationship with Himself, He will reach to the very limits of the universe to help you take the right road.  Oswald Chambers

Jesus' Way To Heaven: God's Way To Heaven

May you feel the quiet peace and profound love of Christ today and as always remember to share the beauty of kindness.