FOTD, May 31, Peonies and Weeds

Its the perfect time to show off Peonies in the Midwest. My bush grows huge flowers but its location is not the best. It catches all the wind as it zooms up from the river. So, if it gets in full bloom and a storm happens, the delicate limbs can not hold up the huge bloom and they fall to the grown. My buds are showing and thunderstorms are comin this afternoon. So, I have one open bloom to share with you today.


I placed the bloom in my blue spruce to give it some pretty background before bringing it into the house. The ants love these but they have not found them yet.

The other beauty I want to share today is probably a weed but it is quite lovely. In my opinion a weed is just a flower not recognized for it beauty. However they are some weeds I pluck immediately to keep them at bay. See if you can help me identify this creation. I have let it grow because of it lovely flower.

Full Plant
Close up

You can see that it is really nice with many clusters waiting to open. If you recognize this, let me know. If I need to get rid of it, let me know.

I have not been posting much as I have been knee deep(literally) in the churches community garden. It took us planting it twice this year due to a crazy spring to get it going but it seems to be doing well so far…

But I do want to remind you of my root cause – kindness. Kindness has a power and beauty that can change the world if we use it correctly and often. And in keeping with the flower / garden theme, I give you similarities of how we can become gardens ourselves, so garden of kindness.

Remember to always be kind

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