FOTD, April 23

Yesterday was Earth Day and true to Midwest spring, all earth type weather was present. It snowed, it rained, the sun shone, the wind blew…and its flooding. Welcome spring.

While I love all the seasons, I think spring is my favorite, even with minor allergy issues. Everything is waking up from winter’s nap and stretching their arms toward the warmth of the sun. A favorite spring flowering tree is the Red Bud. this particular tree is across the street from my house and seems to dare the evergreen from stopping it to show its beauty.

As you look closely at the branch, you see clusters of small flowers, each beautiful in its own way.

Flowers popping out in spring are great reminders to us all that there is life, beauty and hope to be shared wherever we are, regardless of how you feel.

Let us always remember that there are ways to bloom to share our beauty within. Let us bloom and always be kind as we share our inner beauty.

4 thoughts on “FOTD, April 23

  1. Yes, indeed, Anita – A Spring day in our neck of the woods can have every season rolled up in one day. I wish I had a Red Bud tree, they are so gorgeous! My daughter lives in a neighborhood that has so many of those trees, it’s fun to walk around and admire them. Happy Spring Anita, eventually it’ll be warm and more flowers will bloom!


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